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Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat is $85 off right now

Use Engadget’s coupon code to get Google’s flagship model for $164.


Wellbots has Google’s highly rated Nest Learning Thermostat on sale for $85 off. This elegant circular gizmo learns your heating and cooling habits and adjusts accordingly, making home temperature maintenance about as effortless as you could expect. Typically $249, Engadget’s exclusive coupon code ENGDTNLT85 brings the third-generation model down to $164.

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$164 at Wellbots

The Nest Learning Thermostat helps reduce energy usage (and time spent thinking about your home’s temperature) by automating climate adjustments to fit your habits. After a week or so of studying your tendencies, it creates a schedule to maintain what it observed. If you want to make changes, you can still do that through the Nest app (available for iOS and Android).

The thermostat can also adjust automatically depending on whether anyone is at home. It uses sensors and your phone to determine when everyone is away, setting temperatures accordingly for energy savings until someone returns. If needed, the Nest app lets you make changes from afar.

Optionally, you can fine-tune the system even more with separate $39 temperature sensors. Place these in rooms throughout your home, and the Nest will balance their temperatures if your home’s heating and cooling system is compatible.

Its setup is pretty straightforward, and you install it similarly to other thermostats. On top of that, the thing looks pretty dang sleek with a 2.08-inch round display with 480 x 480 resolution (229 PPI) surrounded by a steel adjustment dial.

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