Instagram rolls out bulk delete features and new account controls

The "your activity" section makes it easier to remove past posts and interactions from the app.


Instagram is making it a whole lot easier to remove posts, comments and other activity from the platform. The photo sharing app is rolling out new account controls that allow users to bulk delete comments and posts, and review past interactions and search activity.

The features will be available in a new section of users’ profiles called ”your activity.” The goal, according to Instagram, is to make it easier to revisit and delete past interactions. While it was technically possible to delete past likes, comments and posts from Instagram in the past, the only way to do so without deleting your account altogether was to manually wade through your past posts one by one.

Now, the “your activity” section will offer shortcuts to view past timeline and Story posts, as well as likes and comments on other users’ feeds. There are also shortcuts to review time spent in the app, search history, link clicks and account-level activity like username changes.

Instagram first previewed the changes in December, noting at the time that it could be “particularly important for teens to more fully understand what information they've shared on Instagram.” The app has come under renewed pressure to create more safety features for younger people in recent months, and making it easier to remove past activity could be seen as one way to “depressurize” the app.