'Iron Man VR' update includes New Game+ and 'Ultimate' difficulty mode

The developers reduced load times, too.


Iron Man VR is getting a meaty update today. Camouflaj is launching a free patch (1.06) that adds new game modes and weapons. It also improves things like load times.

Once you’ve completed the game, you’ll be able to re-experience the story in New Game+ mode without losing your Research Points or unlocks for the Impulse Armor. The developers have also added a new “Ultimate” difficulty mode for those who have mastered “Invincible” mode.

On the weapons front, Camouflaj added a continuous beam repulsor. As you might imagine, that lets you sustain a beam for several seconds. The EM Charge Cannon will shoot through the shields of Skull, Revenant and Wight drones. Micro Swarm is a new “intelligent anti-swarm weapon,” and the Gravity Bomb can trap multiple enemies in a single location.

To improve overall gameplay, the developers improved load times, reducing them by 20 to 30 seconds in some cases. That’s especially important in PSVR, where lag can leave you staring at a blank canvas for over 10 seconds. You can also skip cinematic missions before they load if you’ve already played through the game, and you can skip two side missions.

Camouflaj says the changes were prompted by vocal Iron Man VR fans.

“One thing that we understood innately — but didn’t fully appreciate until our game was in the wild — was just how passionate Marvel fans are about what we were building. The development team at Camouflaj gobbled up your reviews, tweets, and videos; listening intently to what you had to say, and what you wanted more of,” gameplay designer Blaine Higdon wrote in a blog post.