FCC filing suggests Microsoft's Surface Go sequel is almost here

Microsoft's entry-level tablet appears in line for an update.


Microsoft might be close to updating the Surface Go nearly two years after its debut. As noticed by Windows Latest and Windows Insider, a seemingly mysterious “portable computing device” from Microsoft has passed through the FCC. While there aren’t any telltale clues in the filing, the EV2 codename is the same used for the Surface Go (and from early signs, a sequel) in Geekbench tests. Likewise, blogger Dan Charlton spotted European retail listings for a “Surface Project V” whose prices line up with what you’d expect from a Surface Go sequel, along with a “Surface Project U” that could be a Surface Book 3.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, a Petri rumor from February suggested that a Go refresh would largely stick to the familiar design, including the 10-inch screen. The base model would stick with a low-end Pentium Gold processor, but there would reportedly be a version with a Core M processor (likely a Core m3) as well. You might not have to splurge on the Surface Pro just to get a reasonably speedy CPU inside a Microsoft slate. There may be an LTE version as well.

Just when the tablet would show up isn’t certain. Windows Latest sources claimed Microsoft might announce the new Go in late April or May, possibly alongside the Surface Book 3. That kind of timing wouldn’t be perfect when many people are staying home due to the pandemic, but it may come as a relief if you were waiting for a more affordable entry into the Surface ecosystem.