Pixel 7 owners can try Google's new Clear Calling feature in beta

Background sounds won't be quite so bothersome.

Sam Rutherford/Engadget

One of the Pixel 7 family's signature software features is available to try if you're willing to live on the bleeding edge. Android Police reports Google has shared a third beta for Android 13's first Quarterly Platform Release (QPR1) that adds Clear Calling for the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. Enable it in the sound settings and AI will eliminate background noise on the other end of cellular calls while boosting voices. You might not have to ask someone to repeat themselves when traffic sounds drown them out.

Google notes that Clear Calling availability depends on your cellular and WiFi connections, and that the company doesn't collect any call content. The beta also adds a toggle for voice calls over 5G and a few cosmetic interface tweaks.

You'll have to wait considerably longer if you'd rather not beta-test a patch. The completed QPR1 release isn't expected until December. You'll have something to look forward to then whether or not you're a tester, though. 9to5Google noticed that the Pixel 7's free lifetime Google One VPN will be available that same month, so you'll have an easy way to secure your mobile internet access.

There's no mention of if or when Clear Calling will come to non-Google devices. Google sometimes makes Pixel-first features available elsewhere after a delay, but others tend to remain exclusive. You may have to sit on the sidelines if you use a third-party Android device.