Porsche's subscription program adds new tier and expands to LA

It's now called Porsche Drive and has a slightly cheaper single-vehicle option.

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Mariella Moon
August 26, 2020 7:45 AM

Porsche’s app-based subscription program that was previously known as Passport is now called Porsche Drive, and it’s gone through more changes than just a rebranding. The service will soon have three options to choose from: Passport’s old multi-vehicle scheme, the previously separate short-term rental option and the new single—vehicle subscription plan. In addition, Porsche is also launching the program in Los Angeles, making the city its biggest market yet.

Drive’s new single-vehicle option gives customers a way to rent one model for one or three months at a time for an all-inclusive fee. They can then choose to extend their membership with the model that they have after their rental period is done, or exchange the model for another one. According to Autoblog, it’ll cost subscribers at least $1,500 per month, making it slightly cheaper than the multi-vehicle option that starts at $2,100. Of course, prices depend on the model: customers can get a Macan for those base prices, but they have to be prepared to pay a lot more for a 911.

The company launched its app-based subscription program in Atlanta back in 2017. Porsche says that the original multi-vehicle plan, which offers customers unlimited vehicle swaps, was a success, prompting it to expand the service to Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego and Toronto last year. Porsche North America President Klaus Zellmer said “Los Angeles was an obvious choice... after bringing Porsche Drive to San Diego last summer.”

The automaker will start rolling out Drive’s single-vehicle option to its older markets on September 25th, the same day the program is going live in LA.

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