Recommended Reading: The environmental cost of China's EV boom

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VCG via Getty Images

The dirty road to clean energy: How China’s electric vehicle boom is ravaging the environment

Antonia Timmerman, Rest of World

The rise of electric vehicles in China is causing devastating environmental impacts in nearby Indonesia, including rising ocean temperatures as a byproduct of coal plants. Upper respiratory infections are also one of the main health issues for people who live near nickel-processing factories and the main water sources for some areas are increasingly polluted and prone to flooding.

The future of parking is in New York — and it costs at least $300,000 per space

Ray Parisi, CNBC

Some of the priciest condos in NYC are housed in buildings with futuristic parking systems. Robotic technology is deployed to park and retrieve vehicles. The catch? The apartments cost millions and reserving a self-parking spot will cost you at least $300,000 more.

We’re in denial about the true cost of a Twitter implosion

Eve Fairbanks, Wired

"The amount of reputational and social wealth that stands to be lost if Twitter collapses is astounding," Fairbanks explains. "Twitter currently functions as perhaps the world's biggest status bank, and the investments stored in it are terrifyingly unsecured."