Rivian’s R1T electric truck brings adventure to the EV crowd

Not just an impressive EV, but an impressive truck.
A dark grey Rivian R1T drives up a dirt road that's headed upwards with hills in the background.
Roberto Baldwin / Engadget

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Roberto Baldwin
Roberto Baldwin|@strngwys|December 29, 2021 10:00 AM

Announcing a vehicle is one thing, actually following through and building that vehicle at a factory and then selling it, that’s an almost impossible feat for a new company. But like Tesla before it, Rivian has pulled it off and in doing so has built one of the best trucks on the road today, EV or otherwise.

The all-electric Rivian R1T starts at wallet-busting $67,500, but for that money, owners will get the latest technology out there in a truck that’s at home on the highway, around town, and crawling over rocks, and navigating muddy trails. We put one to the test in the rain in Northern California.

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Rivian’s R1T electric truck brings adventure to the EV crowd