Slack lets up to 20 companies chat in the same channel

It's yet another way Slack aims to replace email.

Updated ·1 min read

Slack, which is commonly used as a chat program within organizations, is now introducing a way to communicate with people from other organizations. The feature is called Slack Connect, and when implemented, it’ll let you use channels and all sorts of tools across organizations as well.

According to Slack, Slack Connect will let you connect with up to 20 organizations in a single channel. So that means that you can connect with multiple customers, partners and vendors all within the same Slack account. You can not only have conversations, but also share files and manage calendars across teams. With Slack Connect, the company says organizations can “work faster with vendors, strengthen client relationships, provide top-tier enterprise support and manage supply chains.”

There are obviously some security concerns with cross-organization communications like this, but Slack assures that all of it’s existing enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards extend to Slack Connect. It does, of course, recommend that you only connect to trusted parties in order to reduce spam and phishing attempts.

More than just a chat app, Slack has for a long time positioned itself as a replacement to email, especially with features like calendar management and Office 365 integration. Now, with Slack Connect, it aims to take that one step further.