'SNL' star Pete Davidson won't be joining Blue Origin's next spaceflight after all

The mission launch was moved from March 23rd to the 29th.

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2017 MTV Video Music Awards – Photo Room – Inglewood, California, U.S., 27/08/2017 - Pete Davidson. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok
Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Blue Origin's three previous crewed flights had taken familiar faces and people known in their fields to space. Those include William Shatner, aviation pioneer Wally Funk, Good Morning America host Michael Strahan and even company founder Jeff Bezos For its fourth mission with humans on board — and its 20th overall — one of the passengers was supposed to be Pete Davidson, SNL star and, well, the person who's recently been on the receiving end of Kanye West's ire. Turns out that won't be happening.

On Twitter, the aerospace company has announced that Davidson will no longer join the mission as a crew member. Blue Origin didn't reveal the reason why he's no longer flying with the rest of the crew to the edge of space and only said that the mission will launch on March 29th instead of on March 23rd as planned. Davidson was recently seen shooting scenes for horror movie The Home, but it's unclear if conflict of schedule was the reason why Blue Origin changed its lineup. It's also unknown at this point if Davidson will join another Blue Origin flight later on. 

The other passengers for the NS-20 mission are SpaceKids Global founder Sharon Hagle and husband Marc Hagle, University of North Carolina professor Jim Kitchen, President of Commercial Space Technologies Dr. George C. Nield and Marty Allen, a former CEO of Party America. Blue Origin said it will announce Davidson's replacement in the coming days.

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