Sony and Honda will open pre-orders for their first EV in 2025

Their joint company aims to make the first deliveries in the US by 2026.

Sony Honda Mobility

Sony and Honda have announced (PDF) that they're planning to start accepting pre-orders for their first electric vehicle model in the first half of 2025. Their joint venture, which they've simply named Sony Honda Mobility Inc. (SHM), is hoping to start deliveries in the United States by spring of 2026. In Japan, deliveries are expected to begin in the second half of 2026. According to Reuters, the companies are considering a European launch, as well, but they have no solid plans for the region at the moment.

The companies didn't give us a glimpse of the vehicle they're working on during the event, and they didn't mention anything about its pricing or its battery technology and range. They did say, however, that they're planning to focus on online sales like Tesla does and that the first model will have a "somewhat high price range." Honda will manufacture their first model at its facility in North America, while Sony will be in charge of developing the vehicle's software system and sensors. SHM is aiming to develop a Level 3 autonomous driving system, which means its cars will eventually have the capability to drive itself in certain conditions.

Reuters also said that Sony's software system will offer a monthly subscription for entertainment and other services, providing SMH with recurring revenue. The company is even looking into providing new types of in-vehicle entertainment, including those based in the metaverse. SMH Chairman and CEO Yasuhide Mizuno said during the event that the joint company is "speedily" developing its first vehicle. He said that SMH can't miss taking pre-orders in 2025, as the firm believes that year will be a turning point for vehicle electrification.