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PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers are back on sale for $49

That matches the lowest price we've tracked, and the discount applies to multiple color options.

Aaron Souppouris/Engadget

If you've been meaning to grab a spare gamepad for your PlayStation 5, today is a good day to do so, as Sony's DualSense Wireless Controller is back on sale for $49. This the same deal we saw around Black Friday and ties the lowest price we've tracked. Normally, the controller retails around $70. The discount is available at several retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Target, Best Buy and Sony's own PlayStation Direct store. It also applies to multiple color options, though stock of those appears to differ by retailer, and some models may not arrive before Christmas. According to the controller's PlayStation Direct listing, this offer is scheduled to run through December 23.

This discount matches the lowest price we've seen for Sony's PlayStation 5 gamepad and applies to multiple color options.
$49 at Amazon

The market for third-party PS5 controllers is mostly limited to more expensive "pro" models, so the DualSense remains the only real option for people who want something more reasonably priced. That said, it's still a good controller, with the familiar PlayStation layout, well-sized grips, responsive triggers and impressively detailed haptics (which can also be turned off in most games). Its battery doesn't last nearly as long as something like a Switch Pro Controller, but it's an improvement over the PS4's pad, and it's rechargeable through a USB-C port. And while there's always a risk of durability issues with gamepads you use all the time — yours truly has had two models break in two years — Sony appears to have improved the DualSense's internal hardware since the device launched in late 2020.

The DualSense is still on the heavier side, and though it does have Steam support, using it with a gaming PC is generally a bit more complicated than the process would be with Microsoft's Xbox Series X/S controller (which itself is still on sale for $40). If you want more "pro" features like customizable back buttons, trigger stops and multiple settings profiles, meanwhile, note that Sony's higher-end DualSense Edge controller will release next month, albeit at a pricey $200. All that said, if you just need a PS5 pad for the basics, this is a good deal.

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