Spotify users can save individual podcast episodes to their libraries

You don't need to subscribe to a whole show to save that one episode you want to hear.


If you’ve paid any attention to Spotify lately, you’ll know the company is pushing much of its considerable might behind podcasts. Today’s update is quite a bit more modest than acquiring huge podcast producers like The Ringer or Gimlet Media, but it should still be useful if Spotify is your podcast player of choice. Starting today, you’ll be able to save individual podcast episodes to their collection, even if you’re not subscribed to the show in question.

It’s all pretty straightforward — individual episodes will get a plus button that you can tap on to save to a new “your episodes” section of the app. Previously, the “episodes” tab in the podcast library showed new episodes from things you subscribed to as well as a list of everything that’s unplayed. Now, saved episodes will live in the “your episodes” section (see the video above if you’re confused about the many different layers in Spotify’s mobile app).

While this sounds like a basic addition, it’s the kind of feature that has been around in other podcast players for a long time. And it makes a lot of sense for the times when you’ll find episodes of shows you want to check out but not necessarily subscribe to long-term.