Spotify can play your liked songs by genre or mood

You don't have to play all your favorites if you only care for one style.


Spotify's Liked Songs collection is an easy way to find your favorite tracks, but its all-or-nothing nature makes it less than ideal for listening. You might not want to listen to tear-jerking ballads alongside bumping rap or trance. Thankfully, you won't have to skip tracks quite so often. Spotify has introduced an option in its mobile apps (sorry, no desktop version at this stage) to sort Liked Songs by genre or mood.

Tap a filter button at the top of the playlist and you can see only the music that fits under a particular feeling or style. You can focus on trap if you're ready to bounce, or pick chill music when it's time to wind down. The feature kicks in if you have at least 30 liked songs, and you'll see up to 15 categories.

The sorting option should come to apps in the "coming weeks" for people in English-speaking markets, including the US, UK, Canada and South Africa. It will be available for both free and Premium members. In some ways, this is as much about getting people to like songs in the first place as it is to get people playing. You might be more inclined to like a tune if you can easily play it alongside similarly themed music.