The Morning After
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The Morning After: 'Stray' tie-in merch includes a limited-edition cat backpack

It didn't make our best backpacks guide, somehow.

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Mat Smith
July 18, 2022 7:15 AM
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A cat in a Stray-themed cat backpack
Travel Cat/Annapurna Interactive

Annapurna Interactive is selling a branded cat carrier to coincide with its new adventure game Stray. The publisher teamed up with pet accessories brand Travel Cat for the limited-edition carrier, just a few days before the game hits PlayStation and PC on Tuesday. (PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers can play the game at no extra cost – the first time a third-party title will appear on a higher PS Plus tier on its release date.)

It's a version of a Travel Cat’s Fat Cat bag, with neon and charcoal colors inspired by the cyberpunk setting of Stray. The pet accessory company says the $140 carrier is sturdy and breathable, with space for more than one cat.

In a curious bit of serendipity, this announcement coincided with Engadget’s own guide to the top backpacks. Sadly, we didn’t consider the cat carrier segment. Next time!

-Mat Smith

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