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The second-gen HomePod is on sale for $175 right now

You can also buy a HomePod Mini and get a second one for half off.


If you've been thinking of buying Apple's HomePod (2nd generation), now's the time to act — it's on sale right now at Verizon for $175. That's a significant $125 discount (42 percent off) and represents one of the best deals we've seen on the smart speaker to date. In addition, Verizon is currently offering a deal on the HomePod Mini, letting you get a pair for $150, or 25 percent off.

The latest Apple HomePod speaker is on sale at one of the best prices we've seen to date. 

$175 at Verizon

With sound that's clearer and richer than offerings from Amazon and Google, the second-gen HomePod garnered a solid 84 score in our review last year. However, it's really only aimed at Apple users, working best with iPhones, Apple TVs and other devices from the company, along with services like Apple Music.

As a smart home device, it's compatible with Matter and Thread on top of Apple's own HomeKit protocol, so you can use it to control a growing range of security cameras, thermostats, plugs and other smart home accessories. It also has built-in temperature and humidity sensors, and its included mics do well to pick out your voice through noise.

Speakers like the Sonos Five and Sonos Era 300 cost more but offer a bit better sound, while the Sonos Era 100 is normally a bit better value (Google Assistant and Amazon Echo users should look elsewhere). In addition, there's no Bluetooth audio and Siri isn't the most capable assistant At $175, however, the second-gen HomePod is a solid deal if you've been eyeing one.

If you don't need the sound quality of the HomePod, the HomePod Mini is also on sale at Verizon in a "buy one, get the second one half off" deal (two for $150, basically). That will get you a stereo pair or let you stock a couple of bedrooms. It comes with nearly all the same smart home features if that's your main concern, while offering superior sound quality to the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini.

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