The TweetDeck clone for Threads is finally here

"ThreadsDeck" makes the Threads web app much more usable.


The web version of Threads just got a whole lot more usable. Meta is rolling out the new Tweetdeck-like column view to all users, after it started testing the feature earlier this month.

The new look, which some Threads users have nicknamed “ThreadsDeck,” allows you to pin up to 100 different feeds to the Threads home page. Each column can also be set to auto-update so you can follow new posts as they come in.

While Tweetdeck fans will appreciate the familiarity, the new view also addresses some of the headaches of Threads’ “for you” algorithm. While the new column layout won’t let you eliminate the “for you” feed entirely, you can more easily hide it in the column view and put your “following” feed and any others side-by-side. It also vastly increases the number of posts you can view at any one time, making it a much more practical view for finding real-time information.

Threads’ “for you” feed has been a long-running source of complaints from many users, who question why the feed often seems to surface days-old posts and random stories from unconnected strangers instead of more timely updates. Meta’s controversial decision to automatically limit “political” content in its recommendations is also often criticized.

At the same time, the company does seem to recognize that users want to be able to find news and other timely updates. Threads has also recently gotten a “recent” filter for search results, and has a limited version of “trending topics.” Threads’ column view also makes both of these features more visible since you can set dedicated columns for specific search topics to track at-a-glance.