TikTok experiment asks you to share BeReal-style daily posts with friends

TikTok Now could make the social video app feel more personal.

Updated ·1 min read

Instagram isn't the only one hoping to capitalize on the daily photo sharing trend. TikTok has unveiled an experimental Now feature that, much like BeReal, asks you to post either a photo (using front and back cameras) or 10-second video to tell friends what you're doing each day. You'll have a limited window to share content after you receive a randomly-timed prompt. Effectively, it's a visual status update.

The test will run over the "coming weeks," according to the social network. TikTok Now is available through the usual app in the US, but you may also find it as a dedicated app in other countries. Not surprisingly, the company is limiting some features for teens. Anyone under 16 who creates an account in the Now app will default to private viewing. Teens between 13 and 15 can only receive comments from friends, and everyone under 18 can't share their content on Explore.

TikTok is more used to rivals duping its features than the other way around. However, it's easy to see the reasons for borrowing BeReal's core concept. Daily posts could keep you coming back to TikTok. They also elevate the importance of friends — you might want to add more people to your social circle if you know you'll see frequent updates. In that sense, Now could change TikTok's role as much as it could improve the company's bottom line.