'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2' arrives on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Shred in 4K or 120FPS on your next-gen console.


As promised, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 is now available for next-gen consoles — with a few caveats. The upgrade gives PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S players a significant visual refresh with higher resolutions, speedier frame rates, improved lighting and sharper textures. You'll need a PS5 or Series X to play at a native 4K and 60 frames per second (Series S owners have to settle for upscaled 1440p), but you always have access to 120FPS at 1080p if that extra fluidity will help you land tricks.

The catches come with the upgrade policy. You can upgrade from the PS4 or Xbox One versions at no extra charge if you bought the Digital Deluxe Edition, but you'll have to shell out for a $10 Cross-Gen Deluxe Bundle (which unlocks a skater and retro gear) if you bought the standard previous-gen digital releases. Japanese gamers will have to pay 100 yen (about 91 cents) to upgrade from the Digital Deluxe Edition for PS5, though. And while save game syncing is automatic for Xbox Series X/S owners, PS5 users will have to upload saves from the old version and manually download them on the new system. Confused yet?

You can skip that hassle altogether if you're only buying for one of the new consoles, of course. And remember, a Switch version of THPS 1 and 2 is still coming later in 2021. It might be worth waiting for that Switch release if you're more interested in shredding halfpipes from the comfort of your bed than seeing every last wrinkle on Tony Hawk's face.