Twitch teams up with streamers for ‘Chat’s Choice Awards’ show

Streamers and viewers will decide the winners.

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Karissa Bell
August 20th, 2020
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chat's choice awards

Twitch plans to close out the summer with a new award show that will let fans vote on their favorite games and viral moments of the last several months. It’s called Chat’s Choice Awards, and will kick off September 3, at 5pm PT. 

Twitch will give out awards in 14 different categories, including “The Savior of Quarantine,” “The Cutest In-Game Moment of the Summer,” and “King of Twitch.” The nominees have already been chosen —the company worked with a group of Twitch creators to select the finalists — but viewers will get a hand in choosing the winners of each category. 

“Chat’s Choice Awards is an award show where we provide the categories and nominees, but it’s up to creators and their communities… to decide the winners,” Twitch explains. Instead of a single stream for the award show, streamers can each host their own version, and their viewers will get to vote on the winners while they watch. This also means that each category will have multiple winners, since each individual stream will vote independently. 

You can view the full list of award categories, and find out how to host your own Chat’s Choice Awards stream, over on Twitch’s blog

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