'Wild Hearts' is EA's answer to Monster Hunter

The game comes from the team behind Dynasty Warriors.

Omega Force/EA Originals

You'll soon have an alternative if the Monster Hunter games are feeling a bit stale. EA and Dynasty Warriors creator Omega Force have introduced Wild Hearts, a feudal Japan-inspired twist on the beast slaying formula. You (and your friends, in co-op) take on giant creatures using not just the usual bows and swords, but gadgets you build on the spot. You can craft giant mines that explode when a monster draws near, or harpoons that hold these enemies in place.

Omega Force isn't a stranger to the concept. It developed the monster-slaying Toukiden franchise in the 2010s. In that sense, the team is mainly refining an experience it has been developing for years.

Wild Hearts will arrive on February 17th, 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (via Epic Games Store, Origin and Steam). You'll learn more about the gameplay in an "extended" debut on October 5th. It's too soon to say if the game will be derivative or a fresh take, but it could serve as a welcome fix for Monster Hunter fans who've exhausted the most recent titles and are looking for more.