Microsoft Teams is integrated into the Windows 11 taskbar

With online communication more important than ever, Microsoft is putting Teams front and center.


As you are surely aware, the importance of online communications platforms skyrocketed over the last year-plus, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft has pushed its Teams communication platform in a big way during that time, and it'll be even more prominent in Windows 11. Teams will be pre-installed and integrated right in the Windows Taskbar. Based on what we saw in Microsoft's livestream, clicking the Teams button will show you a list of your recent contacts and conversation, with buttons to start a new video or text chat. At the bottom of that recent contacts list is a button to launch the full Microsoft Teams experience.

Having this streamlined interface to quickly start chats or video calls makes Teams feel Microsoft's version of FaceTime and iMessage, or whatever chat tool Google is currently pushing — especially since you can easily carry these conversations from your PC to a mobile device. It's also another sign that Skype is likely going to be killed off entirely sooner or later. Of course, given the antitrust concerns around major tech companies, there's a chance that this integration could raise some eyebrows, given that this make it a lot easier for Windows users to start using Teams rather than install a third-party option like Slack.