Xbox Game Bar's new widgets link to apps like XSplit

Developers can create their own widgets and offer them in a new store.

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Richard Lawler
April 8, 2020 4:31 AM
Xbox Game Bar
Razer Cortex widget Microsoft

Last year Microsoft added a Spotify integration to its Xbox Game Bar on the PC, and now it will be able to offer far more third-party support. That’s because it has introduced a new Game Bar Widget Store, as well as an SDK for outside developers to plug their apps into the gaming experience on Windows.

As introduced during its April 2020 Inside Xbox presentation, some of the first ones up include integrations from Razer for its Cortex gaming enhancements and Gold wallet deals. Another new widget adds controls for XSplit’s Gamecaster streaming app, so that creators can flip between settings without having to alt-tab out and stop the action. One other widget that’s on the way but not available yet is for Intel’s Graphics Command Center, with access to display settings, capture features and more.

Xbox Game Bar

The new features are available initially for people who’ve joined a test flight via the Xbox Insider app and should roll out for everyone else soon.

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Xbox Game Bar's new widgets link to apps like XSplit