YouTube has its own ‘Tudum’ launch sound now

It aimed for 'human,' 'connected,' 'expressive,' and 'story-driven.'

SOPA Images via Getty Images

YouTube has created own signature launch sound and slick animation just like Netflix's "Tudum" and detailed exactly how it made it in a new blog post. The mini-fanfare has already appeared in the YouTube app on TVs, playing each time you start the app.

The platform went into a lot of detail about how it built the sound in partnership with Antfood, a "sonic branding" studio. It aimed to make something "human," "connected," "expressive" and "story-driven," by marrying together a variety of sounds. You can hear it for yourself below:

In fact, each part of the mix has its own name, like "deep dive," "upward flourish," "melodic signature," "tactile motion" and "sentimental harmony." A lot of thought (and no doubt, money) went into all of this. For instance, YouTube said that "sentimental harmony" is a major 7th chord that "represents the way YouTube allows you to explore the things you really love."

So that's all well and fine, but how does the three-second piece sound? Putting on my tiny music critic hat, it's certainly pleasant and harmonious, though not nearly as memorable as "Tudum." The accompanying animation is equally well executed but also a bit boring. It's early days, though, so it could grow on me.

YouTube didn't come up with a catchy name for it like Netflix did, calling it simply the "YouTube sound," and I can't think of any onomatopoeia that would do it justice. In any case, YouTube said that the sound and animation will appear "in more places over the next few weeks and months."

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