YouTube TV is now available on PlayStation 5

Google and Roku are still feuding, but console owners now have a new platform.

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PlayStation 5 just gained support Youtube TV.
Aaron Souppouris / Engadget

YouTube TV subscribers now have a new platform available: PlayStation 5. The console was quietly added to Google’s support website for the service, in a change that was first spotted by Android Police. The addition comes as Google and Roku are in the midst of a very public spat over YouTube TV.

Roku said Google demanded preferential treatment in search results and tried to push the company to make changes to its hardware that would drive up prices for its streaming devices. Google accused Roku of trying to “break the YouTube experience” in a bid to get “special treatment.” The dispute culminated in Roku pulling YouTube TV from its store last week. Luckily for subscribers, Google still supports dozens of other devices, including the latest generation of consoles. YouTube TV was already available for the Xbox Series X, and it’s now live in PlayStation Store as well.

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YouTube TV is now available on PlayStation 5