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Robot Land theme park finally breaking ground in South Korea

Darren Murph

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Or, at least we hope it is. If you'll recall, we heard way back in August of 2007 that South Korea was set to begin construction on a robot-themed park. Here we are in 2009, and we're basically getting the same story all over again. Reportedly, the nation's Ministry of Knowledge Economy is expecting to get going on Robot Land this year, as the government has set aside $559 million for construction in Incheon. We're also told that actual plans for that second park have yet to materialize, making us wonder even more if this whole thing isn't slipping to vaporware status. At any rate, the parks would sure be good for the local economy (assuming anyone has the money to go), but we're at the point of recommending that you not hold your breath on seeing this up by the promised open date of year-end 2013.

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