South Korea set to build "Robot Land"

South Korea already has a pretty decent claim on being the land of robots, but it looks like the country is now trying to make it official, with it soon set to begin construction on an industrial city designed specifically for the robotics industry. Of course, this so-called "Robot Land" won't be all work an no play, with exhibition halls and, yes, even a stadium for robot competitions planned in addition to the usual research centers and homes for manufacturers and parts suppliers. According to, a government committee will pick the site for the city this November, with construction then set to get underway sometime in 2009 (with the help of more than a few robot workers no doubt). While complete details on funding won't be announced until after the site is chosen, it'll apparently cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 billion won (or roughly $530 million), 50 billion won of which is expected to come from the government.

[Via WaziWazi, thanks Daanish]