South Korea doubles up, now getting two robot theme parks

Thrill seekers and robot admirers alike can mark South Korea down as a must-see destination in the coming years, as it will soon be home to not one, but two robot theme parks. Yeah, we already knew that one of these fantasmical places were on the planning block, but just today the Commerce Ministry "announced a proposal to build two parks by 2013 for $1.6 billion." Reportedly, each park will mesh culture and entertainment with robot technology, and while one will be built in Incheon, the other will be erected some 242 miles south of Seoul in the port city of Masan. A feasibility study slated for next year is apparently the only piece of red tape still holding this project back, but if the bigwigs in South Korea shut the whole thing down, we'll gladly take 'em here on this side of the lake.

[Image courtesy of SciFi]