LG's Infinia HDTV, Skype-enabled set and Mobile DTV-lovin' DVD player hands-on

LG's 6.9mm HDTV stole the show, but a bevy of the company's other new wares were on display (and in action) at its press conference. The Mobile DTV-enabled DVD player was actually streaming live television via the temporary tower established here in Vegas, and the video quality was surprisingly good with no perceived lag or pixelation. We also witnessed a live Skype call, and while the quality was subpar due to the awful WiFi connection, the user interface and actual usability seemed satisfactory. Finally, the smattering of Infinia LCDs were downright dazzling, but given the competition, it'll still be tough for these to break through in a world full of me-too sets. Have a peek below, won't you?