Live from LG's CES press event

We're getting ready fof the first (of many) press conferences of the day, LG figures to unload all manner of new HDTVs, mobile TV and who knows what else. Watch Phone anyone? Things start in another minute or two, so hang on.

11:49AM And that's it folks, we'll get a few more snaps of the new TVs and be out. Peace!

11:46AM "which wireless technology are you using for TVs - 5Ghz or 60Ghz?" A: This year we're using different technology with better range, no line of sight requirement -- going away from the WirelessHD group, sounds like AMIMON to us.

11:44AM Q & A time - anything you want to know?

11:43AM OLED TV is "splash resistant" - probably wouldn't want to go swimming with it, but it can survive sitting in the kitchen if that's where you put your 15-inch TVs.
The top of the line Infinia sets have 480Hz and are 3D ready in the 9500 series -- a 3D Blu-ray player will be announced later.

11:42AM New Netbook - X120 just launched win Windows 7 getting some face time now, it's in the booth if you haven't seen it before.

11:41AM 2 new featurephones being announced tomorrow? We'll stop by the booth and run our fingers across the keys to be sure.

11:39AM 250GB hard drive is stuffed in the new Blu-ray player to archive your content -- personally we keep our family pics and playlists on the PC, but everyone is different.

11:38AM "speaking of easier to hook up" #twss. Netcast is on 26 diferent models -- practically every TV 32-inches and higher can log on to the net now.

11:37AM New for plasmas is the TrueBlack feature that promises all new deeper blacks -- we'll be comparing them to the KURO so it better be 100m winners at Mexico City with their fists raised in black gloves raised black -- or else.

11:36AM Note the slim panel, narrow bezel (zoomed in to the corner to show it off.)

11:35AM Back to home theater -- yeeeah baby. 3D, OLED, Infinia - LE9500, LE8500 & LE75000 models already rocking CES Innovation Award tags.

11:34AM Here come some teen-targeted PSAs telling kids not to spread rumors. It's actually funny, but somehow we don't see anyone listening. If Timex Social Club couldn't do it, can LG?

11:32AM Whoa -- they're cutting out "inappropriate use of mobile phones" -- no more sexting for you. We've loaned our phones to Kwame Kilpatrick more than once so this could be problematic personally.

11:31AM No Jim Nantz?

11:30AM LG is shifting its focus from featurephones to smartphones in 2010 -- looks like the LG Expo is just the beginning, or so they say. Like college hoops? Expect to see lots of LG ads during CBS broadcasts. Sports analyst James Brown is on screen talking the "Something Better" company line.

11:28AM Now it's time for a staged Q&A with the marketing guys... we'll think about all the VUDU, DivX and music that can fit on the new Blu-ray player's hard drive while they talk ad campaigns for the next couple minutes.

11:26AM LG's Ultra Slim LCD panel is down to just 6.9mm thick for a local dimming LED backlit display (240 zones.) It's spinning on stage right now -- beautiful from the front, but nearly invisible from the side.

11:24AM LG targeted 3m ton reduction in Co2 last year and managed a 5.2 million ton drop, so breathe easy

11:23AM Mobile DTV - over 144 locations in the U.S., he's watching TV on stage right now. C'mon man, we're working here

11:22AM LGs new phones feature Meta Material Antenna, with Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 phones coming this years. Including the Expo with Snapdragon.

11:21AM NAS with built in Blu-ray burner is up next, low standby power requirements. Keeping up the network theme Network Monitors allow up to 30 users to work off of one PC, at least until someone starts watching a 1080p YouTube video, we figure.

11:19AM "Magic TV remote" -- Gyros and accelerometer inside to provide a mouse-like experience on your HDTV. But can we play Wii Tennis with it?

11:18AM Trumotion now goes to 480Hz courtesy of a brand new chip that makes it fast enough to process 3D. New plasmas, LCDs and a brand new LCoS 3D PJ that autocalibrates for 3D

11:17AM New addition to Netcast services -- DivX TV. Bringing 35 different internet video services streaming straight to LG HDTVs and Blu-ray players. All network connected TVs have the Skype and Netcast features.

11:16AM New LG Blu-ray players feature built in hard drive, menus that adjust for the weather outside.

11:16AM Apparently not everyone has Engadget's internet connection in this cramped ballroom -- the framerate is a bit choppy but it worked.

11:15AM Now it's Skype's turn, with the webcam's mentioned the other day, -- oh snap, we're about to be on a live HD video call via TV right now.

11:14AM Last year "people loved" wireless HDMI TVs, but there was only one model. ON the new joints? Wireless ready. Add a dongle to the back of the TV if you want it, avoid the extra cost if you don't. Most of LGs TVs in 2010 will be wireless ready.

11:13AM "The father of HDTV" Dr. Woo Paik, CTO is up next - this guy knows what we're for. Freedom through Infinite Possibilities is on the screen, our expectations are high.

11:12AM #2 in the U.S. for mobile phones. Really? We might not have guessed.
First up, the new Infinia line of LCDs with local dimming LEDs -- luckily they've got an expert up next to talk it. 3D glasses on kids!

11:10AM "Live borderless with LG" bet we'll hear that tagline again before this event is over, but for now it's all brand this, percentages that. LCD & Plasma sales spiked in the second half of '09.

11:08AM Next up, Jim Shad -- we're not seeing a watchphone on his wrist, Putin would be disappointed.

11:05AM LG's still balling in a recession, reporting record profits in 2009, with plans to keep that up in 2010.

11:04AM First up, some corporate shifting, with a new exec topping the North American division. We give props to the boss Wayne Park, but there will be more if he pops up some cool tech in the next 45 minutes or so,

11:02AM It's early, even the execs are stumbling over their words, but John Taylor is at the podium talking about what the new decade will bring for LG. Says they'll get on with it -- we hope so.