LG's 6.9mm thin LED-backlit LCD hands-on at CES

Seagate has a 2.5-inch hard drive that measures 7mm thick. LG now has a big frickin' television that's even thinner. Today at the company's CES 2010 press event, the "future" of LG's TV business was briefly unveiled. At just 6.9mm thin, it's easily one of the slimmest sets we've ever had the opportunity to ogle, and when speaking with executives afterwards, they confessed that more details would flow (including a real model name and estimated pricing) later in the year. As for availability? You could actually see this mythical creature and its 10mm bezel on store shelves by the end of this year, though we got the impression that it may ship first in Japan before heading Stateside. Oh, and we're guessing LG will utilize that newly forged WHDI partnership to get this thing to operate wirelessly. After all, who has room for an HDMI socket when the whole chassis is slimmer than your pinky finger?