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Motorola Europe says Milestone getting Android 2.1 soon, 2.0.1 even sooner

Chris Ziegler

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Echoing statements made by CEO Sanjay Jha earlier in the week regarding the Droid and CLIQ, Motorola's European division is letting everyone know that its own Android devices are in for their own updates pretty shortly. Android 2.0.1 is apparently "on its way" for the Milestone already with users being advised to keep an eye on Moto's Facebook page for more details; as you might recall, this is the same version the phone's American cousin got a few weeks ago. This will be followed on by 2.1 -- the version introduced on the Nexus One -- "in the next 2 months." Oh, and DEXT owners, don't worry, you're not being left out in the cold -- Moto says you're on track to get 2.1 as well, though there's no timeline just yet

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