Live from Motorola's CES 2010 press event

We're all set up at Moto's swank event here -- emphasis on "swank," considering we can barely see our hands in front of our faces and the DJ booth is in overdrive -- and the festivities are just about to begin. Stay tuned!

5:50PM And that's it! Quick one, eh?

5:49PM Judging from the AT&T event this morning, we have to believe this sucker is heading that way -- but for whatever reason, Sanjay's unwilling to confirm it here.

5:49PM 3G, WiFi, 5 megapixel camera.

5:49PM Launching on multiple carriers around the world, "there will be a North American carrier but we're not announcing who today." First quarter.

5:48PM Touchpad on the back of the screen that'll be exposed via API to any developer that wants to code for it. It fragments Android, sure, but it's still pretty cool.

5:47PM It's exactly what we thought: keyboard folds outwards, looks a lot like the CLIQ when closed.

5:46PM New device time: the Backflip!

5:45PM They're going to upgrade ALL of their devices (including the CLIQ) to 2.1!

5:45PM No date on the Flash upgrade, but he says there's a ton of integration between software and hardware to get it working well -- sounds like a nightmare, but it's also optimized for the Droid's chipset.

5:44PM "One other thing... we've been working with Adobe to integrate Flash 10.1 into Android, but specifically the Droid hardware." He says that'll be pushed out in a Droid update.

5:43PM Now he's talking about that trio of Android devices released in China. 11mm thick, pretty attractive (we had a quick second to play with two of them a moment ago).

5:42PM If you read between the lines, it sounds like Moto's a bit happier with the Droid than the CLIQ -- there might be a customer satisfaction differential in the field there.

5:41PM Now he's turning his attention to the CLIQ... he says they're "very happy" with BLUR. "We're still working on battery life."

5:41PM "It's a living device... we're obviously improving it."

5:40PM He's talking about the Droid. He says they'll be pushing out a second maintenance update pretty soon -- no solid date, though.

5:40PM "That great dancing music stopped, which is good!" Too true, Sanjay... too true.

5:39PM It's starting... Sanjay Jha's taking the stage!

5:34PM Folks are still filtering in... it might be a few minutes. Hey, at least the jams are sweet.