Motorola Droid getting 2.0.1 now, Verizon posts details

Updated ·1 min read

The "coming weeks" timeframe that Verizon had promised for 2.0.1 to start pushing to Droids has been mercifully condensed down to just a few days, because a number of folks are starting to report that they're receiving the update on their retail units today -- and we've been able to confirm with the company that it's going down. That's great news for a Monday, we'd say, and if you haven't gotten the update just yet, Big Red has now posted update instructions and details on the Droid's support site that should be enough to tide you over for a few minutes. In brief, this looks like bug-fix nirvana with improved stability and battery life, better camera and call quality, faster visual voicemail, and a host of other goodies -- anyone hoping for new features is probably primed for disappointment, but we'll take what we can get. Keep an eye on your Droid today, owners, and let us know how the experience treats you.

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