Engadget Podcast 194 - 04.30.2010

The Engadget Podcasters 'double down' on the juicy goss from this week. And when we say "juicy goss from this week" it means more than in other weeks - like if the juice were from a succulent, perfectly ripened, just about to fall from the vine grapefruit of a gossip week as opposed to a shriveled, 2-month old lime you forgot to use that's been sitting out in the sun of a gossip week.

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Syphus - Save a Prayer

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00:02:37 - HP buys Palm
00:03:03 - HP: 'We're doubling down on webOS,' Palm: 'That was the whole point'
00:03:15 - HP: opportunities for webOS 'smartphones, slates, and potentially netbooks'
00:08:55 - HP buys Palm: the liveblog
00:21:00 - HP and Palm: what happens next
00:30:40 - Palm Developer Day reveals interesting bits on the webOS 2010 roadmap
00:40:00 - Microsoft confirms, kills Courier in one fell swoop
00:49:09 - Microsoft says Android infringes on its patents, licenses HTC (update: talking to other Android manufacturers as well)
00:56:25 - Steve Jobs publishes some 'thoughts on Flash'... many, many thoughts on Flash
00:58:21 - Adobe's CEO: Jobs' Flash letter is a 'smokescreen' for 'cumbersome' restrictions
01:17:03 - RIM shows off BlackBerry 6 on video
01:19:40 - BlackBerry Bold 9650 hands-on: yeah, it's a Tour with an optical pad
01:19:50 - BlackBerry Pearl 3G first hands-on!
01:22:28 - Engadget app update: iPhone app passes the 1m download mark, Android and webOS get an update!

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