Palm Developer Day reveals interesting bits on the webOS 2010 roadmap

It's hard to mention the word "Palm" without also mentioning either "takeover" or "shakeup" in the same sentence these days, but the company was able to change the subject -- rather refreshingly, may we add -- to the more pleasant topic of new webOS features coming down the pike at its Developer Day conference in Sunnyvale this weekend. It doesn't look like we'll see anything Earth-shattering this year, but devs will be getting their grubby paws on some oft-requested features including direct API access to the microphone and camera, new security and cryptography features, some sort of "media indexer" that'll make life easier on folks trying to make media apps, and support for Bonjour, zero-config networking, and the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile, a rather generic profile that should open up the door to new categories of accessories that we haven't seen paired to a Pre before.

They'll also be adding support for asynchronous background services written in JavaScript, which should theoretically allow data-intensive apps to be more responsive while they're hard at work; a redesigned App Catalog (pictured); and a new set of developer extensions called Mojo Core that promises to let folks with existing web apps convert them into webOS apps way faster. Palm's being coy about when exactly we'll see this, but the official word is that everything they're discussing this weekend should be in users' hands by Fall. As far as we know, they didn't append "come hell, high water, or acquisition" to that timeline, but we figure it was implied.

[Thanks, David R.]