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MOTOBLUR name phased out due to public feedback

Brian Heater

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The first rule of MOTOBLUR is do not talk about MOTOBLUR. Not in public at least. We got a bit of a mixed message on the matter, while discussing the newly announced Motorola Photon 4G with the company. Representatives mentioned the UI by name during our hands-on, but failed to discuss the proprietary Android skin in any press materials discussing the device. Asked what precisely is going on with the interface, a Motorola spokesperson confirmed CEO Sanjay Jha's earlier comments that the handset manufacturer is moving away from the name, adding that the decision was due in part to public feedback. Pieces of the UI's social functionality will remain present on devices, however, combined with more enterprise-focused features delivered as part of the company's purchase of 3LM. Of course, all of this not talking about MOTOBLUR certainly hasn't stopped the company from singing its praises.

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