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Microsoft outs three flavors of Windows 8: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT
Ceton's Echo Extender for Media Center will be the first to support DTS surround sound
Ceton previews DVR companion apps on Android and iOS, teases Echo beta 'soon'
Hauppauge Broadway scores DVR-like record and playback features
MythTV 0.25 is finally available with a bundle of new features
Time Warner and Verizon begin selling bundled packages just to annoy regulators
Reed Hastings takes Comcast to task for skirting net neutrality
IKEA puts away your TV cables, tech credentials
Kaz Hirai reveals 'One Sony' turnaround strategy, will cut 10,000 jobs
Sony Japan blends the Torne PS3 TV tuner with 500GB of NAS, calls it Nasne
THX manages AV settings for pros and consumers with Cinespace HD and Media Director
Dreamworks Animation joins Walmart's disc to digital program
Comcast Xfinity TV iOS app adds integrated DVR manager so you don't miss Deadliest Catch
Canon shows off prototype 30-inch 4K reference display, won't put a price tag on love
REDray 4K cinema laser projector and player eyes-on (video)
Sharp rolls out high-res IGZO LCDs destined for tablets, laptops and monitors
Dolby Labs and Philips unveil Dolby 3D tech, want to deliver glasses-free 3D in HD
Jaws debuts on Blu-ray August 14th remastered and upmixed (video)
Must See HDTV (April 16th - 22nd)

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