IKEA puts away your TV cables, tech credentials

If your abode has ever been touched by the space-saving hand of IKEA, you'll be familiar with its clever, wallet-friendly wares. Now, the Swedish furniture giant is bringing its quirky ideas into the technology market. Frustrated with cable spaghetti ruining the otherwise sharp lines of its TV storage units, the Scandinavian firm has taken it one step further, and built the TV right in to the furniture. Yup, "Uppleva" is an all-in-one TV and stand with storage built in co-operation with China's TCL Multimedia. Not only that, it also incorporates a Blu-ray / DVD player and surround sound (with wireless sub woofer.) Details on the TV itself are sparse, but there's a brace of USB inputs and four HDMI ports (so you can re-add in some wires), plus FM radio and internet connectivity, but beyond that we're left guessing. More importantly -- for the casual IKEA customer we assume -- will be the array of colors and designs it will ship in. The delivery man will be kicking up Autumn leaves by the time you can get your hands on one, with prices starting at 6,500 Swedish crowns (around $960). In the meantime you can unpack a video after the break, which just like those shelves you bought, doesn't seem to contain everything.