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UK carrier in talks to make Nokia Lumia 920 a British LTE exclusive, says Financial Times

Sharif Sakr

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We're hoping for big news from UK carrier partnership Everything Everywhere over the next couple of months -- not just the first real LTE service in the British Isles (as if that wasn't enough), but also new handsets to put that bandwidth to use. According to the Financial Times, the conglomerate is now in talks with Nokia to make that happen, with the LTE-sporting Lumia 920 standing to become an Everything Everywhere exclusive if the negotiations end happily. There's nothing official to confirm it at this point, but Nokia struggled to win over some carriers with its last batch of Lumias and has now made it clear that it's open to alternative strategies, just as it already has a special relationship with AT&T in the States. Of course, by the time the Lumia 920 reaches the UK -- likely in early November -- there could well be another honest-to-goodness 4G superphone in its midst.

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