European carriers take shots at Nokia's Lumia line without leaving cover

Reuters reports that four big European carriers are disappointed by Nokia's Lumia range and its ability to compete with the big hitters from Apple and Samsung. None of the naysayers have been named, but an executive from one of the companies has been quoted as saying that "no one comes into the store and asks for a Windows Phone" and that Lumia handsets would be "easier to sell" if they ran Android. Another said Nokia should "lower the price" in order to make the Lumia range a loss leader and "get it out of the door." Meanwhile, AT&T claims to be having a different experience in the U.S., having gone to unusual lengths to market the Lumia 900 (even if that recent Time Square fandango was all Nokia) and now seeing it sell out in "many stores." That proactive approach appears to contrast with the attitude taken by some of Reuters's European insiders, who insist that all they can do is "open our stores to [Nokia] and train our staff to sell the phones."