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Oppo's swiveling N1 smartphone to be available worldwide on December 10th for $599


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Oppo promised that its swivel camera-toting N1 smartphone would arrive in December, and it's making good on that promise today by offering international launch details. An unlocked HSPA+ version of the 5.9-inch Android flagship should be available through Oppo Style and other outlets on December 10th, when it will cost $599 in the US and €449 in Europe. The company hasn't said whether this is the 16GB or 32GB model. There's also no mention of whether or not N1s with CyanogenMod pre-installed will arrive on the same day, although those who get the ColorOS-based phone should have a relatively easy time loading Cyanogen's firmware. You won't have to wait until the 10th to find out if the device is worthwhile -- our colleagues at Engadget Chinese have just reviewed the N1, and they believe that it competes well against many of its global rivals.

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