Oppo N1 hands-on (video)

Oppo's already made quite an impression with its N1 earlier today, and now that we've gotten our hands dirty with said Android phone, we can confirm that it's just as dandy in real life. As per usual Oppo standard, the N1 comes with a solid plastic build around an aluminum alloy frame, and we dig the silky matte finish that keeps fingerprints off the body. The O-Touch panel on the back is indicated by some tiny glossy marks, without which it'd be totally invisible. It took some getting used to in order to avoid accidental camera shots, as a one-second press on the panel triggers the shutter; but otherwise, we found the design to be very handy (literally!) and natural for taking selfies. And of course, O-Touch is also great for scrolling.

As promised by Oppo, the 13-megapixel swivel camera felt secure at whichever angle we set it to, but only time will tell whether the mechanism is really that durable. We certainly had fun with it, anyway. Alas, for the sample shots, we're going to have to wait for the final retail version, with which we should see improved camera activation time.

Given the brief hands-on time, we couldn't go through every single feature in Oppo's new ColorOS ROM, but it's definitely worth mentioning at least one that caught our attention: you can draw shapes to toggle specific apps or actions (which can be customized, too). There are two ways to do so: either toggle a drawing board by dragging your finger down from the top left corner (about a quarter of the screen's top side), or just draw the shapes on the screen while it's turned off -- though the latter function is currently limited to four default actions (a circle for camera, a "V" for flashlight, a "W" for WeChat" and an "I" for calling Oppo's service hotline). The fact that you can toggle some of these actions while the screen is turned off already got us sold on ColorOS, though it's also worth pointing out that the Vivo X3 got this first. Anyhow, do check it out in our hands-on video above.