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Kanye West says he rejected an Apple partnership worth millions

Billy Steele

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Kanye West worked with Nike and Adidas on versions of his iconic Yeezy sneakers, but the artist says the folks on Infinite Loop wanted to collaborate, too. The New York Times' T Magazine reports that West turned down "a multimillion dollar partnership with Apple." During a meeting with a group of designers, the hip-hop mogul briefly mentioned the offer without elaborating on the details, since the subject of the talk was his lofty fashion-focused ambitions. The obvious deal would be some sort of collaborative effort with the upcoming Beats Music/iTunes relaunch. Of course, there's no concrete evidence of this, but reports indicate that Apple's Jimmy Iovine (a Beats co-founder) is doing his best to lure some of Tidal's roster of artist-owners over to its streaming option. Exclusive releases or release windows wouldn't be too much of a stretch, as Apple tried a similar tactic with last year's U2 release -- though it didn't go so well.

As we've already mentioned, Mr. West also has strong ties to the fashion industry. With the Apple Watch taking aim at that market, perhaps Jony Ive was looking for another perspective on design. We really don't know, but it's interesting to think about what some of Cupertino's products would look like with even the slightest influence from Yeezus. Unfortunately, it seems like all we'll have is wishful thinking.

Apple declined to comment on the report.

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