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Nyko's iPod Movie Player

Ryan Block
Ryan Block|June 21, 2005 8:27 PM
Nyko iPod Movie Player

We're going to have to completely ignore the industrial design of this thing this time around if we're even going to start to approach it (wasn't it so much better the first time?), but seriously, Apple should have had a video iPod out like a year ago, right? Well, Nyko's forthcoming iPod Movie Player nips that in the bud from another angle. It should have an impressive 3.6-inch 640 x 480 65k color screen, and, you know, a dock connector for reading the files off any mini, 3G, or 4G iPod. Nyko even managed to get freaking video-in capabilities on the thing, so you can record video directly to your iPod's drive. Ok, so we'll still be able to warm up to this thing, alright?