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Advent Rising cancels million-dollar contest

Advent Rising Logo (225)
Advent Rising Logo (225)
Ross Miller
Ross Miller|August 18, 2005 6:00 PM
Advent Rising Logo (225)

I always wondered how they were going to make this contest fair, but I guess they never figured it out, either. One of the marketing campaigns for Majesco's Advent Rising game was "Race to Save Mankind," which would give one talented Xbox-live player $1,000,000. Unfortunately, news comes out today that Majesco is canceling the contest due to "no technically feasible solution that would allow the contest to continue in a fair and secure manner" (in other words: fear of hackers). Bummer; not that I bought the game, but I know people who did and solely because they thought they had a chance at winning the million dollars. 

For those who did try the contest and want something for their efforts, Majesco is offering a choice of 2 free games for those who send in their game's UPC and a copy of the user's Xbox Live Gamertag. The games you can choose from are BloodRayne 2, Guilty Gear X2 Reload, Psychonauts, Raze's Hell, and Phantom Dust. I would choose Psychonauts and Guilty Gear, but that's just me.

[via NetJak]

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