Comcast and Dish Network helping Katrina victims

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Matt Burns
September 3rd, 2005

red crossTwo of the biggest television providers are helping the victims of Katrina in their own ways. Dish Network has committed to providing satellite service to the shelters and so far are holding true to the promise. They already have set up service in nine shelters, including Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio. In addition to providing the TV service, the company is beginning to set up a fundraiser with its 20,000 employees that has the potential of raising over $1,000,000 if each employee donates just $25.

Comcast is helping in the effort by setting $10 million worth of air time for the Red Cross. This air time would be used for education on disaster and emergency preparedness as well as to help raise money for the relief efforts. Plus, they are laying down $50 large right to Red Cross to help immediately. Just when you think that is enough, they are including relief concerts and fundraisers to their On-Demand line up.

We hope this sets a precedent to other TV providers to do the same as the Red Cross needs all the help they can get.

UPDATE: Direct TV has put up a dedicated Katrina channel on 100. It seems to have directions to shelters and numbers to call for help in the different cities. 
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