World's largest, and by a lot, HD screen

Matt Burns
M. Burns|10.08.05

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Matt Burns
October 8th, 2005
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World's largest, and by a lot, HD screen image
World's largest, and by a lot, HD screen image
New HD LED screen
Meet the new king in town. This gigantic LED display is going to be built in the Miami Dolphins stadium by Daktronics. You may be saying to yourself "It sure is big; I wonder how big it really is." Well my friend, if you take the supplied measurements of 50 feet high by 137 feet across and use a little 10th grade geometry, it works out to be a 145.83 foot diagonal; making it a 1,750 inch screen. HUGE!

The sweet thing about this monstrous screen is that it does high-def in the form of 720p. The apparent reason for this is that fans are accustomed to watching the games in HD when they're at home and need the same option when they are at the game. While I agree with that statement, I would question the need for it.

Correct me if I am wrong but don't buy a HD set so you feel like you are at the game; so therefore, if you are at the game, do you need HD there too?

[via gizmag]

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