iLoad will rip CDs for direct-to-iPod transfer

Evan Blass
E. Blass|11.10.05

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Evan Blass
November 10th, 2005
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iLoad will rip CDs for direct-to-iPod transfer image
iLoad will rip CDs for direct-to-iPod transfer image

Thank heavens for other bloggers, because strictly based on the website we'd have no idea what the deal is with a bit of tech known as the iLoad. Luckily for us, the whizzes over at Tech Ticker were able to decipher the sole photo on the site and determine that the iLoad is used for ripping CDs (compact discs: the medium of choice after cassette tapes and before MP3s) and transferring the contents directly onto an iPod. We heard somewhere that a computer is also capable of this amazing feat, but who are we to knock a product that simplifies the process and makes it portable? Along with the lack of specs is, of course, a lack of price, but that info should be available in no time as the manufacturer promises that the iLoad will be "Loading Soon!"

[Via Tech Ticker]

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