The Iqua Snake handsfree system

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Thomas Ricker
November 15th, 2005
The Iqua Snake handsfree system image
The Iqua Snake handsfree system image

Iqua snake (handsfree)

Bluetooth focused Iqua now brings us the Snake Bluetooth 1.2 handsfree system. Designed to attach to the headrest of your ride, it features brushed aluminum and leather stylin' and features a built-in mic and speaker, a status LED, up to 10 hours of talk time or 300 hours of standby, and 6 hours recharge with included car (and hopefully wall) charger. Man, they are just one design trick away from making this thing double as a steering wheel lock donchathink? Available in time for Xmas if you're good.

[Via TRFJ]

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